The DCG Podcast "Cutting off Corey"

Today John "Huanak" joins us in talking about Blizzard's Overwatch trademark woes, and what that can mean for the title. We talk about what games we want to play in 2015 to help cut down our backlog, and the DCG Annual GameAThon!

You can still donate to the GameAThon @

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[GUIDE] CMDR Comrade Canum’s Flight School for Worthless Pilots

{I got tired of listening to all the wannabe pilots bicker about pilot attrition around LHS 3447. I always figured that if you’re stupid enough to want to be a pilot you should be smart enough to know what you’re doing.  Since that hardly seems the case anymore I decided to make this guide and dedicate it to all the noobs that became grease stains on the starport walls across the universe.}

 I, CMDR Comrade Canum, a loyal Knight of the Empire, am here to instruct you on how to get your sad, pathetic, and free Sidewinders off the landing pad and onto becoming something closely representing competent pilots.  I will assume that you’re smart enough to figure out the basics like downloading the game, logging in, and knowing the difference between Open, Private Group, and Solo play are.  So let us begin!

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Upcoming Release: FlyTampa CYYZ Scenery

A second image of FlyTampa's CYYZ scenery has been released on their Facebook page. I'm looking forward to purchasing it when released. While I have FlyTampa's Montreal scenery, it will be really nice to see more quality Canadian scenery's. It's unknown which platforms will be compatible upon release, but I hope to see a release for Prepar3d. (X-Plane would also be a nice treat ;) ) 

Source: FlyTampa's Facebook Page (Second Image: Feb 4, 2015)

Source: FlyTampa's Facebook Page (Second Image: Feb 4, 2015)

Source: FlyTampa's Facebook Page (First Image: Dec 25, 2014)

Source: FlyTampa's Facebook Page (First Image: Dec 25, 2014)

I will keep our website updated when more news is released from FlyTampa. You can also visit their Facebook page:

Written by: Corey Andrews

The DCG Annual GameAThon! (And other stuff, too!)

In this installment of the DCG podcast, the team talks about MMO's and why Massively didn't pick one as an MMO of the year for 2014.

What are we looking forward to playing in 2015? (Hint: Space, its always about space.)

Last but not least, the DCG Annual GameAThon livestream to benefit AbleGamers! Come join the team on the 16th of January as we live stream the games, all while raising money for AbleGamers.

There -will- be some giveaways, thanks to AMD, so be sure to tune in on the 16th, starting at 5 PM Eastern!

It's all Canum's Fault...

In this installment of the DCG Podcast the gang talk about DRM and when it goes bad. Don't forget to ask Dan about how many times he's purchased Mass Effect 1!

DDoSing- What is it? Why do they do that? Where does it come from? Who does it affect, and what are the effects of it? (Don't DDoS a charity, that's really below the belt!)

And we end on a high, our picks for favorite games of 2014!

Why are all these people in my MMO?

In this very special Thanksgiving edition of the podcast, we have a special guest!

John "Huanak" Jones joins the usual crew for talking about World of Warcraft's 10th anaversary, and yes that makes all of us feel old. We talk about the good time and the bad times, our highs and lows with WoW. It's also back up to 10 mil subscribers!

Also, Dragon Age: Inquisition! Dan's newest favorite game of all time, and the one he plans on playing for 200+ hours. Our feelings about it, both single player and multiplayer.

Lastly, Ubisoft keeps on diggin' with The Crew- the street date for the game and when reviewers can post reviews are the same day. This is bad, folks, remember Assassin's Creed: Unity? It's kinda like that.

One more thing: Thanks for subbing to us, and to all the Americans have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Lions and Tigers and Holidays, Oh My!

On this re-recorded podcast, Kyle, Mike, Dan, and Corey talk about how to do holiday events in game the right way, and how to avoid doing them the wrong way!

Destiny also has 9.5 million registered users- how many of those actually play the game? How can they keep the content locusts happy?

We discuss, you decide!

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This Podcast Is A Little Silly....

For today's podcast, Kyle, Corey, Dan, and Mike talk about genderbending in games. Why do males play female toons, and vice-versa.

We also discuss the ESRB ratings and why they may not mean as much as you think, using our resident Dad, Mike.

You can game with us! We can be found at and also on twitter, @DigitialCritical

Thanks for listening, all!

A Wild Podcast Has Appeared!

In this installment of the DigitalCriticalGaming podcast, Dan, Mike, Cory and Kyle chat about crowdfunding/kickstarter as well as choices for digital distribution like Steam, Origin, UPlay and others. 

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Podcast #1

Today on our FIRST EVER podcast, we talk about "player agency" Is that character you're playing really yours? Who owns it? Is that epic staff of pwnage the games, or is it yours?

Also- What is an MMO? Is Destiny an MMO? Do we need to define MMO differently now?

And we wrap up with our picks of the podcast, the coolest things we've found that we want to share with you!