[GUIDE] CMDR Comrade Canum’s Flight School for Worthless Pilots

{I got tired of listening to all the wannabe pilots bicker about pilot attrition around LHS 3447. I always figured that if you’re stupid enough to want to be a pilot you should be smart enough to know what you’re doing.  Since that hardly seems the case anymore I decided to make this guide and dedicate it to all the noobs that became grease stains on the starport walls across the universe.}

 I, CMDR Comrade Canum, a loyal Knight of the Empire, am here to instruct you on how to get your sad, pathetic, and free Sidewinders off the landing pad and onto becoming something closely representing competent pilots.  I will assume that you’re smart enough to figure out the basics like downloading the game, logging in, and knowing the difference between Open, Private Group, and Solo play are.  So let us begin!

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