A long time ago, in a game far far away.

There were a group of gamers, solidified into a unified mass by a podcast that was TORWars. These gamers loved to not just play the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic but also discuss it and the changes the developers made along its growing path.

Sadly, people change, jobs change, and TORWars podcast just isn't around anymore. We didn't have our voice in the world of gaming, the darkness surrounded the light.

We are the light.

We discuss gaming topics critically, but also fairly. We always explain WHY we feel a certain way about a certain topic.

Come join us on our voyage of discovery, won't you?

Who's Who?


Kyle "Sinzin" Mateer

Editor In Chief

Hello! I'm Kyle, the EIC here for Digital Critical Gaming. A little about me: I've been gaming since I was a young child, using a hand me down Atari 2600. I fondly remember racing around in Pole Position, jumping over pits and alligators in Pitfall, and kicking my Dad's butt in the aptly named "Hockey"

I've grown a lot in my interests as far as gaming goes- I've used almost every major gaming console, as well as Apple //GS' and PC's.

You usually can find me either in MMO's like PlanetSide 2 or World of Warcraft, and multiplayer co-ops like Mass Effect 3's multiplayer. I do love a good story and I adore a well-written RPG like BioWare's Knights of The Old Republic. Oh, and don't forget one more turn games like Master of Orion, or the time killer itself, Civilization.

Outside of gaming I'm a trained chef and love the art of cooking good food. If you follow me on my personal twitter account, @TheSinzia you'll often find me tweeting about what’s for lunch today, and what's smoking in my lovely smoker- usually pork for an awesome pulled pork sandwich!