Why are all these people in my MMO?

In this very special Thanksgiving edition of the podcast, we have a special guest!

John "Huanak" Jones joins the usual crew for talking about World of Warcraft's 10th anaversary, and yes that makes all of us feel old. We talk about the good time and the bad times, our highs and lows with WoW. It's also back up to 10 mil subscribers!

Also, Dragon Age: Inquisition! Dan's newest favorite game of all time, and the one he plans on playing for 200+ hours. Our feelings about it, both single player and multiplayer.

Lastly, Ubisoft keeps on diggin' with The Crew- the street date for the game and when reviewers can post reviews are the same day. This is bad, folks, remember Assassin's Creed: Unity? It's kinda like that.

One more thing: Thanks for subbing to us, and to all the Americans have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!